Mobius is a Small, Minority-Owned Business, and an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC)

Project Management

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The Challenge

To fuel corporate growth through the seamless completion of IT tasks, without interruption to ongoing strategic initiatives. From the first stage of project planning through to implementation, projects must be handled in such a way as to not impede the continuing efforts of an IT team, through careful allocation of resources and management of personnel. Most organizations are unable to manage such objectives within preconceived budget and time constraints.

The Solution

Mobius has developed and proven a project management process that carries IT projects through to completion with complete adherence to all preconceived constraints such as budget, time, or resources. Our project managers consider the project’s placement within the corporate framework in order to align business and project strategies. They then outline, develop, and manage all aspects of the project, maintaining transparency between project team, IT personnel, and corporate leadership throughout the lifecycle of the project.


A Case Study From Our Portfolio


Increased Productivity

Technology Teammates

Applications Pre-Project

Portal Post-Project

Global Migration of 60+ Applications to Single Portal.

Mobius Professional Services and their parent company were called upon by the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Colorado (USAO-CO), to migrate 60+ applications to a single portal (Amazon Web Services cloud).

Mobius served as the architect to produce a scalable solution allowing 1M users and 200K concurrent sessions and/or 50K concurrent transactions on My Navy Portal (MNP), the Navy’s official military integrated human resources portal for Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPTE) services.  The cross-platform solution uses modern responsive design techniques and takes into consideration our client’s particular needs, such as low-bandwidth & disconnected mode solutions for afloat operations.


The project incorporated various elements of My Navy Portal, including the following:

  • Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab, Scientific Engineering, and Technical Assistance.
  • Engineering and Outreach Focus on Distributive Learning Technologies.


 Mobius employed 45 Engineers, Web Developers, and Technical Support Staff covering the following aspects of the project:

  • Time and Material Staffing Arrangement.
  • Administrative Support.
  • Document Management.
  • IT Specialist.

This was my first project as part of the Mobius team. The project lead made sure that the entire team was involved from the outset, with all roles clearly defined. I had never been involved in a project so well organized. Our team was able to complete the objective on time and I believe the client was very happy with our work. Mobius does an amazing job of setting up IT teams with well-coordinated skills and, as a result, I look forward to every project we work on together.

Sara L.
Mobius Technical Support

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Mobius Professional Services is a small, minority-owned business. Mobius is also wholly owned by Ouzinkie Native Corporation, making it an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC).